It takes a team of dedicated staff to complete an adoption. From the first step you will have that. Your adoption begins with an application and after your application is reviewed and approved you will begin the home study process. This process involves a lot of paperwork but don't become overwhelmed. ​We have done many home studies and can assist you in navigating the paper trail. You will be asked to complete clearances for the state of Colorado and also for any state you have lived in outside of Colorado in the previous five years. You will be matched up with a home study specialist who will set up your appointment to begin the process. The home study process involves up to nine hours of face-to-face interviews, completed in three visits. You must complete sixteen hours of CORE education mandated by the state of Colorado. These classes are held when we have four couples but not more than eight. So don't delay in signing up for your space. Once your home study is completed, you will be given an opportunity to review it and sign. Congratulations, you are ready to begin the matching process.

Right now you are probably scared, confused and don't know where to go. We are here to assist you in gaining the knowledge you will need to make the best decision for you and your child. We work with birth parents expecting babies, and also birth parents with older children. 

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Welcome to Adopt Triad Consultants, Inc. We are a 501 c (3) child placement agency licensed in Colorado.  We have twenty five years of experience in the field of adoption, and our agency is made up of adoption professionals who happen to be adoptive parents, adoptees, and birth mothers.  Working with adoptive parents and birth parents for the past seven years has been a honor and joy.  We provide adoption education, home studies for domestic and international adoptions, infant and child placement services, post placement and finalization services.  We also provide birth parent services. These services include counseling and financial help for birth parents who need assistance in making an adoption plan for their child.   We are here to help you navigate the adoption world, whether you are a birth parent considering placing a child or an adoptive family looking to adopt a child. 

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Adopt Triad Consultants, Inc. is made up of adoptive parents, adoptees and a birth mother. We know and understand the adoptive process, and would love to help you navigate it. 


Whether this is your first adoption or not, the adoption process can be overwhelming and confusing.  We, here at Adopt Triad break down the adoption process into four distinct parts; application process, home study process, post placement, and finalization. 

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