1. Can we adopt in Colorado if we hold residence in another state?

Yes you can. We know that military families move approximately ever three years typically hold one or more homes.  Regardless of your home state, you can adopt while in Colorado.  You can live on or off post, and do not have to own a home here.  

2. We just moved to Colorado from another state and have an approved home study there. Can we use it?

Per rules and regulations of the state of Colorado, we have to conduct a new home study when you move.  But, with that said, we would like to see your old home study. If it is done to SAFE standards we can complete an update to the study. If not, we will have to re-write  your home study.


3. Is there help for a military family to pay for the adoption? 

Adoption is expensive, and many families need financial assistance to make their dream come true.  Lets start with the big one. The IRS recently announced that the maximum adoption tax credit for 2019 will be $14,080.00. ( For more information on the adoption tax credit, contact us at 719-243-5171). Adoption Grants, this is a very popular way to fund your adoption.  Fund Your Adoption: A Step-By-Step Guide To Adopt Debt-Free, a book by Jeremy Resmer is a wonderful place to look for grants,  fundraising, and loans are also ways to raise funds.  After your adoption is finalized there are funds available to service members.   Federal law authorizes reimbursement for certain expenses associated with adoption to a maximum of $2000 per child and not to exceed $5000 per calendar year. ( To get more information on the military reimbursement call us at 719-243-5171 or check out this web site, http://www.dfas.mil/militarymembers/payentitlements/adoptionreimbursement.html.)

4. Can we move out of Colorado while in the adoption process?

Yes, you can.  depending on where you are in the process we ask you to discuss any upcoming moves with our adoption specialist so that you are not spending time or money on services that will have to be repeated in your new state. 

5. What is the military reimbursement policy? 


6. What if my spouse gets deployed during our adoption process?

The deployment of a spouse does not stop the adoption process.  Every effort will be made to complete the home study interviews with military member before they leave Colorado.  They must also complete their 16 hours of education prior to leaving.  Adopt Triad Consultants, Inc. will happily conduct a CORE education class for your family only.  You do not have to wait for more couples to do this. The military member must also read and sign the home study. This can be done by mail.


7. Do we need an attorney?

Colorado is an agency state so you do not need an attorney.  Our agency has three attorneys on staff and should you need one we will be happy to refer you to Quad-A attorneys which are members of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, a professional organization. 
Membership in this organization indicates that they have an interest in and/or practice adoption law. It is not a 'guarantee' though that the attorney will be the best, it is however a good indication that they are experienced in adoption law. 

8. Can we adopt out of Colorado?

Yes, we will teach you how to proceed with an ICPC adoption.  We have done many over the years. 

9. Can we use a Power of Attorney for our adoption?


10.  Do we both have to be available for post placement visits after birth?

Yes, unless special permission is obtained. 

FAQ's for military families:

Contact us:   719-243-5171


Adopt Triad Consultants, Inc. would like to say THANK YOU to our Military families.  We know and understand the sacrifice you have made for our country. That sacrifice stretches across all parts of a military family's life.  Starting a family though adoption poses additional hurdles for military families.  But, we here at Adopt Traid Consultants, Inc.  would like you to know, we understand.  Our staff are either military families themselves, veterans or work with military families outside the agency.  That being said, we are happy to say, we welcome military families.