What is the process to adopt a baby?


Our experience with Adopt Triad Consultants, Inc. has been nothing short of incredible. We were a relocating military family, and Linda worked with and advocated for us before we even arrived in Colorado. We looked at several agencies that could help us, but when we called Linda for the first time, we KNEW that this was the agency for us. We were welcomed into the family, not just an agency. From start to finish, we knew that through any bumps in the road, everyone within this agency would support us and find us the child of our dreams. Additionally, we were comforted knowing that all birth mothers are loved and cared for through the adoption process and even after placement. We love our baby boy and have a very special relationship with his birth mother. We would not hesitate to use Adopt Triad Consultants, Inc. again and highly recommend their services to anyone considering adoption. Thank you, Adopt Triad, for helping us to start our family and for becoming our personal friends! Kayla B.


We have adopted with Adopt Triad Consultants two times now!!  We were so pleased with the ease of the whole process with the staff.  They are  open, honest and make you feel very comfortable with all the different things you may face with the process.  We are blessed to have had two beautiful girls come into our family.  Anyone thinking about adoption should be contacting Adopt Triad Consultants and just have a conversation with a staff member.  You will immediately come to realize this doesn’t need to be hard but one of the most beautiful things that will happen in your life.  One of the things I think we realized/learned the most in this whole process (twice!) is that the strength of the birth parents is amazing!  It takes a very special heart and personal strength to make the decisions these birth parents make to do what is the best thing for the child and truly a gift for us adoptive parents.  My girls birth parents will ALWAYS have my heart and true amazement of their strength!  Love to all of you!  Lloyd and Shannon H.

We had the pleasure of working with Adopt Triad Consultants for the adoption of our son. We contacted Adopt Triad in February, 2015 about doing our home study. We immediately began working with Linda. We were nervous and had so many questions. Linda and her entire team were caring, patient and knowledgeable. They made us feel very comfortable as we progressed through the home study process. When we began presenting to birth mothers, we were not chosen right away. Linda always knew exactly what to say to encourage us and keep us moving forward in the process. We got a phone call at the beginning of December from Linda. She had a birth mother she wanted us to present to. The baby was due in two weeks. We are so fortunate because the amazing birth mother chose us! The next two weeks were a whirlwind but Linda and her team were there for us 100% of the time. Our son was born right before Christmas. Even though it was the holiday season, Linda and  our birth mother case aide were at the hospital with us the entire time to support and advise us. Our son was home with us in time for Christmas. He is amazing and we cannot imagine our lives without him. His smile lights up our lives!
We believe Linda is our guardian angel. She continues to support us to this day. Everyone at Adopt Triad has been so kind and they are all passionate about their work. We would recommend Adopt Triad Consultants to any couple who is seeking to adopt a child! Sara and Reuben H.

Infant Adoption in Colorado Springs, CO

Every journey begins with a choice. 

Our mission is to provide a safe and loving home for the children whom birth parents entrust us to place. 
It takes a team of dedicated staff to complete an adoption. From the first step you will have that. Your adoption begins with an application and after your application is reviewed and approved you will begin the home study process. This process involves a lot of paperwork but don't become overwhelmed. 
​We have done many home studies and can assist you in navigating the paper trail. You will be asked to complete clearances for the state of Colorado and also for any state you have lived in outside of Colorado in the previous five years. You will be matched up with a home study specialist who will set up your appointment to begin the process. The home study process involves up to nine hours of face-to-face interviews, completed in three visits. You must complete sixteen hours of CORE education mandated by the state of Colorado. These classes are held when we have four couples but not more than eight. So don't delay in signing up for your space. Once your home study is completed, you will be given an opportunity to review it and sign. Congratulations, you are ready to begin the matching process.

Triad Adoption Consultants, inc. was such a gift to us.  We really took our time choosing an agency and we knew Triad was the right one! They were straightforward, inclusive and fair.  The People we interacted with were loving, knowledgeable and cared so deeply- for all involved.  We felt like we were in capable hands.  They forever hold a place in our hearts and the story of our family.  We are so grateful to you.

 Thank you !!!

 Sara J.

Meet our Staff 

Application: To obtain an application call Linda at 719-231-7845.

Home Study: Once your application is approved you will be assigned a social worker to complete your home study. Our home study writers are all Social Workers, and or a Psychologist. 

Clearances: These consist of FBI CBI and BIU or Trails, do not attempt to save time and get these on your own.  They must have the agency conducting your home study license number on them. 

Education: CORE education, face to face hours that are offered by A Step Ahead Adoption's or Adopt Triad Consultants, inc. These can be taken prior to home study and will be good for any agency you adopt from, for up to three years. 

Profile book. You will be taught how to complete a profile book.  If you would like to work on it prior to home study, please call Linda Henning Gansler for instructions. 719-231-7845

Open / Semi Open / Closed Adoption: You may choose what type of adoption you are comfortable with. 

Matching services: Adopt Triad is happy to discuss with you the different programs we have for matching you with your birth mother. Call for more details. 

Post Placements: Colorado rules and regulations state that you must complete three post placement visits prior to finalization. 

Finalization: Adopt Triad Consultants, Inc. can complete your finalization after the six months of post placement visits have been completed. 

ICPC: Adopt Triad Consultants, Inc. has conducted inter - state adoptions for the past six years.  We are very knowledgable about this process. 


Adoption begins with that first step. Which agency do I trust to help me with my adoption?  Where  do I begin?

Today we have received our first family pictures and as we sat down looking at them we realized that we made the absolute best choice with Adopt Triad.
You made this family picture possible for us!
Thank you for all your work and the endless effort of making families!

Merry Christmas and God bless you!

Alex, Chris and Ben

A happy baby that was adopted thanks to an open adoption service in Colorado Springs CO